Truly a lost art

Rare, Unique, Breathtaking…

Hand-Drawn Art

John Wills Studios, Inc. was founded and dedicated to the idea of matching our artistic abilities to our unique process of hand cast marble and granite etchings. It is a rare privilage to be able to provide our artwork to help recognize people who have strived for success and part of the recognition of that success is a piece of our work

All of our art work is hand-drawn with a process known as stipling, which when etched into our marble pieces creates a dimensional quality not available in other mediums. In this age of generic and replicable generated images we are very proud to continue to offer our old world craftmanship to the modern world. We would like to thank you very much for taking the time to visit our site and learn about what we have to offer.


Original Design

Our goal is to capture your mindseye vision. Each customer is involved in the process of their creation. We utilize the three decades of experience to create an initial draft of artwork for your review. The next step is having the customer preview that effort and make any adjustments that may be required. Creating the final etching culminates the process, after which the etching is mounted according to the customers desires and is ready for presentation and display

Custom, one-of-a-kind

In-House Marble Casting

All of our marble and granite castings are made in our very own studio with attention to every detail and quality. Our basic elements are finely ground white marble that orginates from a quarry in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The granite base material comes from Maine. We combine these base elements with modern technology and hands on casting processes that create our unique and distinctive products

Built for years to come

Bring It Together

Once the hand casting process is completed, the marble and granite pieces are moved thorugh our laser engraving and finishing departments for the final preparation and inspection before shipment to the customer

Your vision brought to life

Something Special

In addition to our fine cast marble and granite work, we also apply our artistic approach to our custom framing, custom Command Recognition Boards and challenge coins. All of the products and services we offer are grounded in our artistic vision and commitment to quality. We guarantee and stand by this vision and we believe you will see that in the quality of our finished work

Art for a lifetime


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